Areas of Expertise

We help your business change with impact and put all of this into practice to build and secure profitable growth.
Process Excellence


Embrace processes to unlock your company’s hidden potential.Studies in Process Excellence programmes show that while many companies are happy with their programme’s focus on improving customer satisfaction, a large number are not satisfied with its performance in cost savings.


Our Excellence programme allows you to deliver what the customer needs – on time, in the right quality and at a low cost. And what is more, you do it better than your competitors.



Project Management


​​Get faster and better project results

Introduce more freedom and a few strict rules if you wish to increase the efficiency and quality of your development projects. This may sound like a contradiction in terms, but it works.


We have designed a project work process to overcome challenges.which help focus project efforts, ensure commitment and generate a creative and dynamic work process that delivers far better results


Operational Management


Keep costs down and productivity high

Improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity and boost profit margins by introducing new competences in operational management.

At DLN, we have experienced that incorporating operations management disciplines into the leadership repertoire significantly benefits customers and the bottom line.


Service Design


Deliver exceptional customer service – at all touch points.Increasing customer and employee satisfaction while strengthening brand value and reducing costs is the dream for any business. To make it happen, you need an effective service delivery system.


At DLN, our service specialists can help you translate your service strategy into service operations that are consistent and efficient:

Lean Thinking


Experience continuous improvement faster and better than your competitors

Our complete Lean solution covers more than the traditional Lean toolbox. It includes performance management, operational management and leadership and change management. We have helped organisations from various industries and sectors with little or advanced Lean experience.



Manufacturing Footprint

Design your optimal manufacturing footprint for global-scale gains Increasing volatility is driving the need for optimisation of the manufacturing footprint. Outsourcing, insourcing and nearsourcing can have significant impacts, which calls for a strategic review of the potential risks and gains.

The answer is to design the manufacturing footprint that meets your cost, agility and flexibility requirements. Let us assist you in this design process to create a solid and cost-effective setup.